Morocco Outdoors

Morocco looks both east and west and is as surprisingly near as it feels exotically far. Here, you can savor intense flavors of thronging medina towns, crisp fresh air of snow-capped mountains, crashing Atlantic surf and the interminable Saharan desert.

Morocco, defined by her two coastlines, the Atlantic/Mediterranean seaboard, and the inland coastline of the Saharan desert. Virtually in Europe but at the same time exotically afar, neighbours not only Spain but Arabia as well, giving an aura of near to far that infuses exploration with endless surprise; where you’ll find road signs to Madrid along the northern coast and near Zagora on the edge of the desert there are signs to Timbuktu.

Morocco springs to life right before your eyes, as the cosmopolitan hustle & bustle of Marrakech contrasts with the unchanged Mediaeval maze of Fez’s medina, the olive-groves of the Mediterranean North will remind you of Andalucía, and the palm oases and kasbahs in the south whisk your imagination to sub-Saharan Africa or Saudi Arabia.

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Whether it is a fantastic surfing trip intertwined with traditional Moroccan life and culture, to a bike ride from kasbah to kasbah through low-slung valleys rick with date and olive groves, or you may chose to embark on a culinary indulgence jaunt through the Imperial cities, or cruise the winding roads along the Mediterranean coast and the valleys of the Riff Mountains on motorbikes, to an invigorating hike up into the Atlas mountains and bask in the views from North Africa’s highest peak Mt. Toubkal at 4167m, or escape on an authentic African ‘road trip’ in 4x4s to the  shores of the Saharan Dessert and gaze up the star filled sky from an oases deep in the dunes.