Personal Security, A Game Changer!

Morocco is a very safe country to visit. However, to enhance your experience and comfort we include a security detail to all our programs.

You will appreciate our nearly invisible personal security staff (bodyguards), they let you fully enjoy and experience your surroundings without constantly worrying about your safety or the security of your belongings.

Personal security is a game changer! A unique feature to, this added service will let you get the most out of your time in Morocco.

Our Personal Security Staff is your Peace of Mind

“I remember surfing at Taghazout a few years back, and somebody stole my cloths”

Our office staff will assist you with your preparations for visiting Morocco, an Islamic country in North Africa.

Your trip information package will contain specific information on traveling to an Islamic country and Morocco specifically. As well, when you are in-country our personal security staff will ensure you have a safe and relaxed Moroccan Surf Adventure.

General tips for traveling to an Islamic Country.
It is often difficult for those planning travel to Islamic countries to get good information on the culture, the traditions and what is considered appropriate behaviour. We hope that this Guide to Islamic culture for travellers will help give you the confidence to travel in Islamic countries around the world.

To start with, we should point out that Islamic countries differ greatly, and each follows its own degree of Muslim Sharia Law. Saudi Arabia, the spiritual home of Islam is by far the strictest whilst in some other countries things are more relaxed.

The best travel advice is to not push boundaries. Just because an Islamic country is relaxed about tourists drinking and allowing the wearing of revealing swimwear, that does not mean that one should not dress respectfully when not by the pool or at the beach.

Top travel tips for visiting Islamic countries

1. Do not draw attention to yourself
2. Check local laws and customs
3. Do not consume alcohol in public
4. Do not show affection in public
5. Men should not greet Muslim women by shaking hands
6. Avoid discussing politics
7. Dress conservatively always
8. Women should cover their shoulders, arms, and legs when in public
9. Women should cover their hair when in public
10. Be aware of religious holidays such as Ramadan

Culture is particularly important in Islamic countries. The best advice for travellers is ‘do not behave inappropriately just because someone else is.’

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