Our in-house photographers will capture your best moments on the waves. They will do their best to ensure that every surfer is photographed and video-graphed surfing.

All photo sessions are included in the trip price; you are welcome to book a private session with our photographers. Please note you can also book a photographer for yoga shoots.

Our proficient surf photographers deliver stunning frames, in and out of the ocean. With a purpose for each shot, the goal is to portray our surfers living their dreams

A luminous surfing photo captures the whole context, from the surroundings, the obstacles, landscape, and even the weather conditions as well as the surfer performing spectacular moves.

Surf photography is unique, with so many elements moving simultaneously, and no matter how hard a photographer tries, they are never in complete control of everything going on in the water; instances where unavoidable and unanticipated things happen can take a vision and move it to the next level. These unexpected images are often the ones that our photographers cherish the most.

Surfing Morocco is as exotic as it is exhilarating, Surf Morocco.Fun is the right choice!

Surf Morocco.Fun is a Kayak More Tomorrow Company