When is the Best Surfing in Morocco?

Morocco an ideal surfing destination!


The amazing blues of the sky and ocean along with a fantastic laissez-faire, bohemian aura make Morocco an ideal destination. Surfing is not only a great activity for all and sundry it is also the perfect recreation for a group of friends or family. Surf Morocco are undoubtably the most knowledgeable surf experts in Morocco, we know the perfect venue for your surfing fantasy.

When to Surf North African Waves?
Surf Morocco is Morocco’s surfing authority – October through April is the best time for awesome waves in Morocco. However, the Atlantic Coast starts to fire waves as early as September so the surf season can be stretched to the beginning of September.

Summer Surfing in Morocco?
If the summer is your window for visiting Morocco, then Surf Morocco can assist you. Our in-depth knowledge of Morocco’s coastline will enable you to surf the best summer waves in North Africa. We also have some excellent Moroccan discovery trips that work great to combine will some glorious summer days surfing.

Surf Morocco

The Moroccan Surf Scene
The surf vibe in Morocco is predominantly tranquil. It is however important to be aware of the local culture. This is where Surf Morocco comes in, as the most revered surf company in Morocco you will feel right at home on the Moroccan breaks. Let us open the surf doors to Morocco for you. 

Travelling to Adventure Destinations
There are two schools of thought when heading out to a new destination. The first is to just fly in and sort out things once you are in-country. The other is to book and finalize your full program well in advance prior to leaving home. this is where Surf Morocco comes in.

(www.surfmorocco.fun – our surf-pros know every surf spot in Morocco intimately, Surf Morocco is your ticket to great surfing in Morocco.)

Visiting and Surfing in Morocco

When traveling to Morocco it is of great advantage to arrange your travel and surfing program prior to leaving home, the dividends are numerous. After all you travelling to Africa and not only that you want to get the most out of your visit. Therefore, it really helps to travel with someone who has the inside track on the local scene.

Here are a questions that always pop-up when planning a trip.

How do I get the most for my money, and how do I avoid being ‘taken-in’ as a tourist?
Here is a simple example that I think most can relate too, the airport transfer. As soon as you clear customs it begins, the constant barrage of offers to transport you somewhere, anywhere, and all are spouting offers of the best and cheapest price, but really all the offers are between 10-20 times more then a correct and fair price.

Let Surf Morocco deal with these issues for you. We will take care of everything for you so that you can have peace of mind and pocketbook when it comes to the barrage of offers and harassment of purchasing services or products from copious overzealous peddlers.   


How do I pick the right surf instructor? Are the instructors ‘qualified’ and what do water sports ‘certifications’ really mean?
Choosing the right instructor anywhere can be a challenge, and Africa is no exception.

It is well known that most water sports certification are questionable at best and most are irrelevant. Completing a simple weekend course will never bee good enough to qualify anyone as an instructor.

However, still many claim to hold some sort of certification; however, we all know that cheesy certifications in water sports are easy to come by and offer no real guarantee that your instructor is skilled or qualified. And surf instructor certification is no exception.

At Surf Morocco we cut right through this confusion. We train and educate all our surf instructors in Morocco without exception. To start with we have chosen only the best local instructors and then continually train and educate them to enhance their knowledge and instruction skills.

We have eliminated these questions for you buy providing instructors you can truly trust to teach the surf skills in a way that will improve your surfing.

Surf School vs Individual Lessons

Why is a week-long surf school better then say purchasing a spontaneous individual 2-hour lesson sessions?
It seems like everyone who owns a surfboard is offering lessons of some kind; that the various surf associations hand out instructor certifications to just about anyone. Walking down the beach you see the same instructional settings over and over from half interested instructors that are more concerned about the time then anything else.

To really get the most out your surf lesson purchase then prebook a surf camp with a small instructor to student ratio.

Surf Morocco leads the surf industry with the smallest instructor to student ratio in our surf camps.

Where to Surf

How do I know where to surf?
Choosing the right Moroccan surf break – Morocco’s coast is exceptionally long and varied, and it is easy to spend your whole day driving and searching. At Surf Morocco our intimate knowledge of the coastline will have you surfing all day, everyday instead of sitting in a vehicle. 

Surf Morocco is the only company to offer surf camps and trips alone the whole of Morocco’s Atlantic Coastline. Our Team of Morocco experts will work with you from the early planning stages to not only put you on the right break(s) but will also put you on special adventures that will augment your entire visit to Morocco.  


What about my safety and the security of my stuff?
Morocco is quite a safe country in all respects; however, Surf Morocco has taken the worry of safety out of the equation by including personal security personal with all our programs.

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