Surf Morocco – Northern Morocco’s Best Surf Spots

Morocco, located at the convergence of the Atlantic and Mediterranean, North of the Doldrums and roughly 60 NM due East from the Canary Islands.

Blessed by the winter swells from the North Atlantic the Moroccan coastline has been formed and shaped into a surfer’s paradise with fantastic sandy beaches and short rocky reefs that really enhance the Northern swells into great green surf waves. 

Surf Morocco as Morocco’s premier surfing experts, here is our guide to the best surf pots in Morocco.

Morocco’s long Atlantic coastline can best be split into two distinct sections, the North encompassing the stretch from Tangier’s through to Safi. The South coast, stretching from Safi all the way down to Dakhla on the border of Mauritania.

The Northern Moroccan Atlantic Coast

When the big Atlantic swells start bombing from the north, you need know only one word: Morocco, from Rabat in the North all the way down to Safi in the South, Morocco offers a variety of slabs, points and beachies. The winter swell season is long, stretching from October to April; with the water temperature a mild 18 to 24 degrees there is great surfing for everyone. 

www.surfmorocco.funour surf-pros know every surf spot in Morocco intimately, Surf Morocco is your ticket to great surfing in Morocco.

Tangier – Rabat

Beginning in the North near Tangier, Asilah which is just south of Tangier is an exposed beach break that has reasonably consistent surf waves that break both left and right. Both groundswells and wind-swells produce good surf during the winter.

Medihya and Plage Des nations, north of Rabat, these un-crowded beaches with consistent surf and beach breaks are great for surfing enthusiasts.

Rabat has some great winter surfing with a Moroccan flair. The Oudeyas is a fabulous spot for winter surfing. Located near the jetties, just on the side of the old city fort.

Rabat – Casablanca

Oued Cherrat and Bouznikla are quiet oasis for surfers, about halfway between Casablanca and Rabat.

Casablanca, the Paris of North Africa, with its zany savoir faire, eclectic mix of French colonial and shanty style housing, and the shimmering Atlantic Ocean. Morocco’s largest city and logical entry point boast some good surf beaches. Our surf-pros will take you to the city’s best waves, whether you are combining your visit with business or just a city break.

Casablanca – Safi

Dar Bouazza Morocco’s most famous left wraps around a point offering up cut-back sections rather than a wack able wall. There is decent length from take-off at L’Inter to the final section La Bobine.

Dar Bouazza just south of Casablanca is an exposed point break with consistent surf. The wave is a point break that peels left and is best close to low tide. There are several hazards, like wreck ,urchins, rocks and rips, this is where we come in!

El Jadida, an exposed beach/jetty break with consistent surf, winter surfing is on when a Northwest swell is joined by offshore winds from the Southeast. You will find consistent clean waves.

Deauville beach located at the Northern town entrance breach break offers both left and rights.

Haouzia, a vast beach with many peaks that offer both left and right breaks.  A great option when Deauville is Flat

Sidi Bouzid, a nice reef break with fast waves, offers both beautiful left and rights.

Safi “Tthe Garden” a long-kept secret; with a Northwesterly swell this wave can break for up to 500 meters while producing big hollow barrels. One of Morocco’s classic waves, producing ultra-fast, throaty barrels that fire down the point north of Safi. This point break starts breaking in big swells and can hold 4 meters or more.

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