When you think of Morocco – visions of ancient Arabia appear, where walled-in antediluvian cites, teeming souks and crowded medinas entangled with white-washed clay edifices dotted with mosques and towering minarets chanting calls to prayer. Where sun-scorched arid mountains give way to sweeping deserts where camel trains once ruled these oceans of dunes. And a sun so bright that the azure waters of the Atlantic fuse with the crystal-blue sky. Here, heady aromas, effusive sights, and arcane sounds will dazzle, frazzle, and enchant. Essentially in Europe; exotically faraway!

Morocco wedged between two coasts: the azure blues of Atlantic/Mediterranean seaboard, and the inland coastline namely the Saharan desert. Morocco’s ideal location unintentionally forges a mecca for epic adventures. The din of bustling markets with heightened intertwined aromas of Arabia, France, Spain, and Africa – Morocco springs to life right before your eyes. With its dizzying diversity, of epic mountain ranges, ancient cities, sweeping deserts, crashing Atlantic Surf and delightfully warm hospitality giving it a flavour that infuses adventure with endless surprise.

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